Cloud Lab Grid Automation Meets Zephyr on the Cloud

Grid Robotics is very happy to announce built-in integration with Zephyr, the award-winning test management system everyone is talking about these days.  We believe that this combination is the first of its kind, allowing test projects, test teams and test resources to be seamlessly integrated with virtual or physical test labs anywhere in the world, inside or outside the firewall.

Legacy test management systems like HP Quality Center were designed for departmental teams working on-premise on a local network.  Zephyr, on the other hand, erases those boundaries altogether, making today’s globally distributed test teams far more productive and able to work together as if they were in the same room.  Gloud Lab Grid Automation takes this a step further, allowing the actual physical or virtual machines themselves to be just as easily managed as the tests and test resources themselves.

The productivity gains are huge, as huge as the cloud itself.  Nowadays organizations use a hybrid combination of physical, virtual and cloud computers just as their teams can work in the same room, down the hall or in another part of the world.  The applications they are building are equally distributed, far outpacing the old client server model of legacy solutions.

We invite all Zephyr users to have a look at our combined solution as well as anyone looking at Cloud Lab Grid Automation.  We have been quite impressed with Zephyr’s Zbot integration platform and the way it combines itself with our own methodology.  Sometimes when you are looking for a “one size fits all” solution you can’t find anything that quite fits the bill but in this case you can.

Have a look at our 3 minute demo showing how easy it is to manage your test resources as well as your labs with this combined solution from Zephyr and Grid Robotics:

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