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Connecticut Public Broadcasting Delivers College Basketball with Ease on the Cloud


CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: A nationally recognized producer and presenter of quality public television programming, including sports, original documentaries, and educational programming

CHALLENGES: Online broadcasting of basketball games was interrupted, due to unexpected heavy volume

RACKSPACE SOLUTION: Cloud ServersCloud Load BalancersScalr’s auto-scaling platform, CapCal Web Performance Testing from Grid Robotics

BUSINESS OUTCOME: A website that handles peak loads easily and quickly, allowing for satisfied global viewers and peace of mind for CPBN


Grid Robotics and Zephyr Announce Cloud Lab Rocket at STARWEST 2011 – The First Integrated, End-to-end Test Environment on the Cloud

Anaheim, CA, October 5, 2011:  At STARWEST 2011 today, Grid Robotics and Zephyr announced the product release of Cloud Lab Rocket, the first completely integrated, end-to-end testing environment on the cloud.

The solution combines the Zephyr Community Edition for real-time test management, Grid Robotics’ Cloud lab technology for managing physical and virtual machines, CapCal Web Performance for load testing, open source Selenium for functional testing, and Bugzilla for defect tracking, all  fully integrated and delivered on the Amazon or IBM Cloud.

End-to-End Test Lab and Management on the Cloud

Cloud Lab Rocket provides customers with the ability to perform all their testing activities from the cloud – test management, manual testing, automated functional testing, web performance testing, test lab environments, and defect tracking – without the need for expensive hardware, software or IT support.

Cloud Lab Rocket comes pre-configured with:

• Visual Test Lab Management Console
• Free Test Management (Zephyr Community Edition)
• Free Defect Tracking (Bugzilla)
• Free version of CapCal Web Performance Testing
• Open-source Functional Web Testing (Selenium)

“Grid Robotics has partnered with Zephyr to provide our customers with unparalleled value and comes preconfigured with the leading Free and Open Source software test automation and management products in the market today” said Greg Spindler, CEO of Grid Robotics, “The cloud presents new and affordable solutions for quality assurance professionals striving to meet company goals and timelines for higher quality software, shorter delivery time frames and lower costs. Grid Robotics’ products are available on the Amazon and IBM clouds today and getting started is simple and easy.”

Zephyr’s on-demand Test Management Platform manages all aspects of the testing lifecycle, integrates various test tools and systems and provides global access, collaboration and management visibility. “We are excited to partner with Grid Robotics to bring added value to our existing customer base and the wider testing space ” said Samir Shah, Founder and CEO of Zephyr, “With all the right pre-configured components integrated, Cloud Lab Rocket is an ideal solution for QA departments and project teams that are looking to ramp up rapidly.”

Pricing and Availability

Cloud Lab Rocket will be generally available in November 2011 at a starter price of $19.95/month.

About Grid Robotics

Grid Robotics is a leading provider of PaaS (Platform as a Service) solutions for development, testing, training and collaboration for all the major public and private clouds. Our innovative Windows® and Linux virtual appliances are optimized to run in today’s cloud and virtual environments to provide virtualized solutions to real world problems. Cloud Lab products are available on Amazon Web Services and the IBM Smart Cloud. For more information please visit

About Zephyr

Zephyr is a leading provider of on-demand, cloud based enterprise test management solutions offering innovative applications and unparalleled, metrics based visibility via real time dashboards into the quality and status of software projects. The feature rich solution addresses today’s dynamic and global needs across a variety of industries including finance, healthcare, mobile, IT services, and enterprise software. Zephyr’s global customers experience improved productivity, faster time to market and dramatic cost savings. For more information, please visit

Cloud Lab Grid Automation Meets Zephyr on the Cloud