Instructor View

Instructor View is the missing link between you and your students, local or remote. Its unique features give you an “eye in the sky” that is easy to use and works wonders for the quality of your class and your life.  Go to the Instructor View website to register for a 30 day free trial!


Desktop Dashboard Lets you observe all student desktops as a group or individually Expands your insight into the student experience, helping you to scale class size and support remote delivery without compromising results
Zoom Any desktop can be displayed in full screen mode for a closer look Enables you to interact one-on-one with any student, regardless of their location
Instant Replay You can rewind any student desktop up to an hour prior and replay their steps to understand what they did Enhances your understanding of student activities for answering questions or solving issues
Share Any desktop can be shared with the class You can use individual student efforts as examples for classmates
Class Break Stops all desktop monitoring during class breaks You can give your students privacy during class breaks to get their other work done
Student Break Stops desktop monitoring for individual student Any student can choose privacy for other tasks


Easy To Use

  1. Log in to to schedule or start a class. You will receive a class link to send to any students you wish to invite, up to 25 per class. If you need more, please contact [email protected] [screen shot]
  2. Students will click on the link and the Instructor View agent will install.
  3. When you start the class, the agent will begin sending student screens to your Instructor View dashboard [screen shot]
  4. If you are projecting your computer screen to the students, you will need an extra screen for the Instructor View dashboard. Simply configure your screen settings by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting the two-screen setting. If your computer does not support this, either use an extra computer or toggle back and forth between your content and the dashboard. [screen shot]
  5. You can zoom into a student screen [screen shot] and view an instant replay [screen shot].
  6. You can declare a break for the class or a student can take a private break. During breaks the screens are no longer monitored. An icon in the system tray indicates when the agent is active. [screen shot]
  7. At the end of the class the agents stop and the dashboard closes.

It is that simple. And that powerful.

Works Wonders

Get your life back The glamour went out of travel long ago. Getting to and from the airport, slogging through security, and enduring delays and detours is standard fare these days. Not only that, but you have to be away from home at least an extra day just to get badged into the building and set up the equipment.
What if you could be just as effective – maybe even more so – by staying home and training your students remotely? Instructor View gives you all the benefits of being there and then some. Just think of all the time you will get back.
Increase revenue Employee turnover or vacation fill-ins create training needs that are hard to satisfy. You usually can’t justify the cost of training for only a few people. Even having them travel to you may not work, especially if they need to be trained on customized software. In the end they may forego training altogether, costing you potential revenue and depriving them of valuable skills.
But what if you could schedule regular classes that new employees from any company could attend using their own systems? You could get enough students together for critical mass without sacrificing their needs to use their own custom systems. You get a new source of revenue for “turnover training” and your users stay up to date at a reasonable cost
Save time, money Onsite training not only costs money and time for travel, there is also the cost of the facility itself. You have to schedule shared facilities in advance and training may even be delayed waiting for availability.
Forget all that. You can now train from anywhere for anyone whenever it is convenient. You and your students alike can attend from any location, without compromising quality or results. It is actually better than being there!
Scale class size Even if you have to deliver the training onsite, there may be students in other locations or even continents that could benefit but can’t justify their own class or the travel to yours.
Instructor View lets you include them in an onsite class even though they are remote without any loss of effectiveness. Their desktops are just as visible to you as those in the same room, and with zoom and instant replay capabilities you can give them as much individual attention as they need.
Get more done If you aren’t wasting time on travel and setup, just think of how much more you can get done. No need to spend your nights and weekends catching up because you were on the road all week long.
Support roll-outs Implementing new systems or upgrades usually requires training across multiple departments and locations, creating logistical and scheduling nightmares. Travel time for onsite classes only adds to your students’ time away from their real job, and piles on additional overhead on your already overburdened schedule.
Instructor View lets you deliver system roll-out training to students at any location, whether onsite, remote or a mix, and be fully engaged with their individual progress.
Leverage the cloud Cloud-based virtual classrooms can provide a training facility without the bricks and mortar, allowing pre-built images to be provided to students on an as-needed basis.If you like, Instructor View can be used on any cloud-based classroom, including  CloudLab Classroom, to improve virtual delivery effectiveness for both instructors and their students.
Save your feet Let’s be practical. Teaching an onsite class means a lot of standing and walking around to see what students are doing and help them with exercises and questions. Do this for a few days and your feet start to suffer.
What if you could stand or sit at the front the class and still see exactly what everyone is doing  and interact with them individually, including an instant replay of what they already did? You can save yourself some suffering while actually being a better instructor.