At  Grid Robotics commitment to partnering as a way of providing a global reach for our customers is a long term strategy for us. We have developed three partnering models: Cloud Service Provider Partners Solution  Provider Partners and Technology Partners. Through our Cloud Service Provider Partners you can purchase and implement our solutions . Our Solution Provider Partners are certified on our technology and provide value added services to our customers. Our Technology Partners provided integrated services.

Cloud Service Provider Partners

HP Cloud Services is providing public cloud infrastructure services for organizations of all sizes.  Designed with OpenStack™ technology at the core, HP’s open, transparent architecture ensures no vendor lock-in, improves developer productivity, features easy-to-use tools for faster time to code, provides access to a rich partner ecosystem, and is backed by exceptional customer support.  HP’s initial offering includes on-demand compute instances or virtual machines, scalable online storage capacity and accelerated delivery of cached content to end users.  HP’s full suite of public cloud services will enable the next generation of web services to be built, run and scale on a global basis backed with a broad marketplace of analytics, tools and services.   HP’s cloud supports customers with a differentiated hybrid delivery model, providing interoperability and portability across public, private and managed clouds.  For additional information visit Cloud Testing and Cloud Lab are coming soon to the HP cloud.
Amazon EC2: Amazon Web Services provides a flexible, scalable, low-cost cloud computing platform for businesses of all sizes all around the world. With AWS, you have access to the same reliable, secure technology platform used to power the global web properties.
  IBM SmartCloud: The world is changing. A new reality is emerging for organizations of every size from every part of the planet. It’s called the cloud—a profound evolution of IT with revolutionary implications for business and society, creating new possibilities and enabling more efficient, flexible and collaborative computing models. IBM is helping clients excel in cloud computing, providing secure and reliable Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions.
Rackspace: The cloud can quickly scale to thousands of servers to make resources available as they’re needed. Rackspace Cloud hosting customers never need to worry about buying new hardware to meet increasing traffic demands or huge traffic spikes.

Technology Partners

CohesiveFT (“CFT”):CohesiveFT is a market leader in on-boarding solutions for virtual infrastructure and public, private and hybrid clouds. CFT provides the industry’s first Secure Application Container for Cloud Computing; offering integrated image automation, virtual networking, and topology automation. This “user-cloud” solution provides enterprises the
capabilities needed to achieve their cloud objectives, meeting the challenge of the largest IT migration since the Y2K.
AppDynamics is the leading provider of application performance management for modern application architectures. That means not just the kinds of old-school app environments that existed 5 years ago, but the new ones: distributed, agile, and extremely hard to manage. They’re sometimes in the cloud, sometimes in the physical data center—and always causing headaches for ops and dev teams. For more information on CapCal integration with AppDynamics see our white paper.
Kaavo: Kaavo provides cloud management software to automate the deployment and management of complex applications and workloads across public, private, and hybrid clouds. The core product, IMOD, is the first and only solution to deliver a top-down, application-centric approach to cloud resource management. Only Kaavo’s solution delivers single-click deployment of complex applications and autopilot capabilities to automatically manage run-time service levels. Kaavo provides a SaaS version of IMOD as well as an on-premise version for select private clouds. [for more information click here]
Zephyr: Zephyr enables organizations to manage their test departments more efficiently while boosting productivity and visibility. Zephyr provides end-to-end management of the testing lifecycle in the test department including resources, releases and sprints, requirements, test cases, scheduling, test execution, defects, documents, collaboration and all aspects of reporting and metrics in real-time. With both a SaaS and On-Premise offering, Zephyr is used by thousands of users at hundreds of companies globally.
Scalr is an open source cloud management tool that greases the wheels on web applications. You can think of us as a little sysadmin robot that monitors your servers. We provide automation to our clients’ operations so that they can enjoy a smooth ride over that sudden spike in traffic. And we’re smart about it too: when load increases, the robot adds server capacity; when load decreases, it powers down a few machines. It even takes backups and stores them on S3 and provides a whole bunch of other utilities—ranging from cron to raid volumes—that makes your ops more productive, whether it’s just you or a whole team. Scalr comes fully equipped to handle web ops with features such as auto-scaling, high availability, fault tolerance, backups, multi-cloud deployments, and hybrid cloud bursting.

Solution Provider Partners

Power Test: PowerTest provides software testing services, software quality assurance services, load testing services, software security testing services, and application performance management services that enable companies to manage the risks inherent in developing and deploying complex systems. We specialize in development and implementation of software testing and performance management solutions and methodologies for CIO’s, Operations Directors, and Quality Assurance Managers who need to save time, reduce costs, and maximize quality. We have many years of experience and many satisfied customers who have benefited from our ability to provide a rapid return on investment in our services
BIZEXC LLC: At BIZEXC we focus on software based solutions for testing and productivity improvement.   Our software products, services and solutions provide the foundation for continuous quality improvement in today’s complex business application software.  We enable customers and clients to achieve a higher value and improved performance, enhancing operational excellence in bespoke software applications.
Aligned Technology LLC: Aligned Technology was founded with the sole intention of providing our clients with the value added services needed to design, implement, and maintain process and quality initiatives that would help companies in meeting their strategic goals and objectives.