Instructor View – Expand Your Vision

Whether you are giving an onsite or remote class, and whether your students are in the room, somewhere else or a mix, Instructor View lets you look over everyone’s shoulder at a single glance. If a question or problem arises, you can zoom in for a closer look and even watch an instant replay of what came before. Student examples are easily shared with everyone or kept private, your choice. You gain a wider and deeper insight into the student experience, improving both your delivery and their outcomes. Affordable, simple to set up and use, compatible with all virtual classroom and meeting tools, and firewall-friendly. Go to to get signed up!



CapCal Mobile Testing

Real World, Real Time Testing of Your Mobile Applications

CapCal Mobile is available now on the Google Apps Store. Customers can take advantage of Grid Robotics’ crowd sourced mobile device network or build their own by spinning up a CapCal Mobile Server on one of our supported clouds and pointing their Android devices to it. Download CapCal Mobile today and become part of the Grid Robotics network.

With CapCal Mobile Testing you get all the advantages of CapCal Cloud Testing plus the ability to run performance tests for mobile apps and mobile websites on real devices running in real networks.

Easy Capture and Universal Import Capability

Creating a CapCal Mobile test is simply a matter of capturing a single business transaction or activity (e.g., “purchase a widget”) from the mobile device pointing to the CapCal proxy server. You can capture tests from any device on any platform that supports proxy servers (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, etc). If you have created a performance test using another tool (Silk Performer, IBM Rational Performance Tester, Microsoft Visual Studio) you can import it directly and run it on CapCal Mobile in minutes.

CapCal Cloud Testing

Take your load and performance testing from hundreds to millions of virtual users. We have done it before and CapCal is cost effective and easy to use. CapCal leverages the cloud to provide on-demand load and performance tests of virtually any number of simulated users.

Generate Production Work Loads on the Cloud

CapCal is a new approach that is designed to provide a simplified, accelerated and affordable web performance testing solution. By reducing the skills, time and effort required developing and maintaining performance tests, CapCal allows performance testing to be moved to the earliest point in the development life cycle, allowing performance problems to be identified while there is still time to correct them.

No Coding, Not Ever!

CapCal is designed from the ground up to revolutionize the economics of quality. Without writing a single line of test script, users can quickly and easily record performance tests as a side effect of their normal manual testing. Or, if you have automated your functional tests you can use those to create and run performance tests automatically. Now, both functional and performance problems can be identified and fixed early in the testing process. The time and cost savings, as well as the reduction in risk, are enormous.

Cloud Lab – Migrating Client Server Apps to the Cloud

Running Microsoft Windows™ in the cloud is a lot like the old days when the PC was first introduced. Since it doesn’t belong to a Windows domain you can’t easily copy files to it without resorting to FTP. You can’t see what it is doing unless you are actually logged in to it (while possibly logging someone else out inadvertently). And you can’t share it with others unless you give them each their own login. This in turn complicates the maintenance of images and the problems just keep adding up.

Cloud Lab is a platform that directly addresses these issues and more, making it easy to move any legacy client server app to the cloud in a matter of hours or even minutes. Simply install the server component of the application on the Cloud Lab server and install the client component on the Cloud Lab client. Save these as master images and spin them up on demand (or let your customers spin them up themselves). All the benefits of the cloud and SaaS delivery are yours without rewriting any code.

Cloud Lab Deployment

Grid Robotics is partnered with the leading Cloud Service providers in the industry. We will help you select the best cloud provider to accomplish your goals. Working with your team, Grid Robotics experts will guide you through the process. You will have a demonstration capability of your client server application running in the cloud in a matter of days. It really is that simple.