Capacity Calibration

Take your load and performance testing from hundreds to millions of virtual users. We have done it before and CapCal is cost effective and easy to use. CapCal leverages the cloud to provide on-demand load and performance tests of virtually any number of simulated users.

Generate Production Work Loads on the Cloud

CapCal is a new approach that is designed to provide a simplified, accelerated and affordable web performance testing solution. By reducing the skills, time and effort required developing and maintaining performance tests, CapCal allows performance testing to be moved to the earliest point in the development life cycle, allowing performance problems to be identified while there is still time to correct them.

No Coding, Not Ever!

CapCal is designed from the ground up to revolutionize the economics of quality. Without writing a single line of test script, users can quickly and easily record performance tests as a side effect of their normal manual testing. Or, if you have automated your functional tests you can use those to create and run performance tests automatically. Now, both functional and performance problems can be identified and fixed early in the testing process. The time and cost savings, as well as the reduction in risk, are enormous.

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