Cloud Lab

Cloud Lab products by Grid Robotics leverage both cloud computing as well as virtual and physical environments.  The combinations and flexibility of Cloud Lab are endless and the cost savings are enormous.  Cloud Lab is the way to run today’s Windows® on today’s clouds, and it also supports mobile platforms as well!

How Cloud Lab Works

A Cloud Lab server runs on the cloud and can support any number of Cloud Lab Appliances. A Cloud Lab Appliance is a Windows® or Linux virtual machine instance running on a public cloud, a private cloud, a virtual machine or a physical machine. A Cloud Lab Appliance can be created by installing the Cloud Lab Agent on an existing machine or by starting with the standard Cloud Lab Agent machine instance on a public cloud and configuring it.  It can work with existing products like Microsoft Visual Studio Lab Manager™ or VMware Lab Manager™ by installing the Cloud Lab agent on the existing VMs or you can even use it to control and administer a lab running on physical machines.  Either way, the distributed architecture and flexibility of Cloud Lab makes it the preferred choice for managing and administering multiple machines via a simple, intuitive browser interface.

The Cloud Lab Advantage

According to a recent study by IBM, “the average enterprise devotes up to 50 percent of its entire technology infrastructure to development and testing, but typically up to 90 percent of the test infrastructure remains idle”. With Cloud Lab you can move all that test infrastructure to the cloud, not only freeing up the space, power and maintenance costs of all those computers, but offering the productivity benefits of having virtually limitless capacity on demand.

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