Beta Program

Grid Robotics invites interested parties to register for our beta program. Current solutions ready for beta are:

Cloud Lab Browser Grid (beta)

Browser Grid focuses the power of cloud computing to speed and simplify the testing of websites and web applications across browser types, versions, and even resolution settings. With Browser Grid, users can quickly and easily start and manage cloud instances with all required browser configurations. Browser Lab comes preloaded with all popular browser types and versions and users can add customized configurations based on specific support requirements.

Browser Grid’s web based interface allows users to interact with all browser instances simultaneously, either manually or by executing existing automated test scenarios. Thumbnail images make it easy to spot inconsistencies across dozens of browser configurations, and users can quickly drill down into specific instances to research suspected website and application issues. Browser Lab also allows screen shots, test logs, and other testing artifacts to be consolidated to a single location on to completely document the testing progress.

Browser Grid is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing commercial test tools on a “bring your own license” (BYOL) basis. Browser Grid also comes pre-loaded with popular open source functional test tools such as Watir and Selenium.

Cloud Lab Team Manager (beta)

Cloud Lab Team Manager reduces costs, risks and time by allowing consistent environments to be created once and rapidly deployed to all development and testing resources when they are needed, around the world and from project to project. With Cloud Lab Team Manager, organizations can initiate and manage dozens of cloud instances through a single web based console. Since each instance mirrors an approved technology stack, false errors caused by configuration issues and software incompatibility are eliminated, allowing more time for addressing real bugs and improving the overall application quality. The advantages of known, repeatable, and deployable machine instances are especially relevant in outsourced development and QA environments where machine configurations can vary greatly and are more difficult to manage.

Cloud Lab Team Manager’s collaboration capabilities allow administrators, management and team members to view thumbnail images of all managed instances in real time. Users can even invite other QA or development personnel to view and interact with their specific cloud instance, making it ideal for Agile development methodologies and continuous integration processes