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Most companies today are distributed so a great deal of time and money is wasted in providing training where the only alternative until now was to set up teaching labs in a physical location. Cloud Lab Classroom leverages clouds computing to maximize E-learning effectiveness while reducing costs in terms of travel expenses, travel down time for instructors as well as students and facility overhead. Cloud Lab Classroom is a cost effective solution that is easy to implement.

The Cloud Lab Classroom Advantage
Worksoft, Inc. Case Study

Grid Robotics’ Cloud Lab Classroom is a virtual classroom management solution focused on ensuring that software vendors and training organizations reach their E-learning business goals faster. Cloud Lab Classroom transforms web-based training by providing each student with their own personal “learning environment” for completing classroom assignments and exercises. The product also uses the power of the internet to allow instructors to “look over the student’s shoulder” to help with problems and questions.

With Cloud Lab Classroom your clients can:
  • Remotely define consistent, repeatable training environments and automatically deploy personal instances for each student
  • Monitor students’ progress through real-time thumbnail images of each learning environment
  • Drill down on selected images to provide training assistance and better responses to questions
How It Works

Cloud Lab Classroom starts with cloud images that have been pre-configured by instructors or other training facilitators to meet specific learning objectives. The solution can manage any number of cloud images and allows each to be identified with user friendly names and descriptions. Images can be tailored for specific topics, products, and technology stacks and reused for across multiple classes. By ensuring that students start with known and approved learning environments, Cloud Lab Classroom eliminates disruptions caused by unsupported versions and improperly configured applications. Cloud Lab Classroom also simplifies license administration when training on third party software.

Cloud Lab Classroom’s web based console allows the instructor to automatically start and assign instances to each student prior to each class.

Students log into their personal learning environment through a link and secure key that is automatically emailed to them as they are registered. Each environment is a complete virtual machine with all the required software and configurations defined by the instructor.

As students work through assignments and exercises, instructors can monitor their progress through thumbnail images displayed on the Cloud Lab Classroom dashboard. Student names are embossed on the image headers and instructors can drill down on selected images to assist with problems and questions.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Provides each student with their own personal learning environment quickly and securely
  • Maximizes the learning experience by simplifying the administration of classroom exercises and assignments
  • Supports students located across town or across the world
  • Eliminates problems, disruptions and delays caused by software version problems and other technology stack issues
  • Manages multiple training images configured for specific topics, products, and technology stacks
  • Allows instructors to monitor student progress with real-time image thumbnails and full drill down capabilities