Cloud Lab Grid Automation

The emergence of public and private clouds has created an environment where virtually unlimited resources can be summoned on demand and nowhere is this more significant than in test automation. Regression testing in particular derives from a matrix of supported environments and configurations, with browsers and their different versions being perhaps the most common. Cloud Lab Grid Automation presents the opportunity to bringing the full power of the cloud to bear in a new and exciting way.

A Cloud Lab Grid Automation Server can run anywhere, whether in a public or private cloud or just a server in a lab or data center. From there it can manage any number of client or agent computers, which can be spun up automatically on public clouds like AWS, IBM or Rackspace or private clouds like VMware and Citrix. No matter how it is configured, it is distributed computing at its very best – physical machines, virtual machines and cloud machines are all the same to a Cloud Lab server.

One of the most powerful features of Grid Automation is the ability to zoom in to any point in time on any machine to replay the events that led up to an error instead of just guessing.  Having a recorded log of everything that happened on all the machines in the lab can be enormously helpful.

The standard Cloud Lab agent comes with Selenium, the leading open source web testing solution, already installed along with the five major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera). So “out of the box” you can begin running your Selenium tests against all the major browsers in parallel, shaving hours if not days off your usual regression testing cycle. But if you have a license for another functional test tool you can install that on the Cloud Lab agent (or install the Cloud Lab agent software on your own machine) and do the same thing.

Whether you are running the same regression test in many environments, or using different data in the same environment, Cloud Lab Grid Automation is the way to “super charge” your testing and realize the benefits of combining grid computing with the cloud for maximum productivity. Cloud Lab Grid Automation is available on the Amazon and IBM clouds today.